Dee Dwyer

Pictured in Havana, Cuba



Dee Dwyer is a diversified Photographer from Southeast, Washington, D.C who produces awe-inspiring images. She is "The Visual Voice for the People”. Her goal is to show all aspects of human life with the primary focus being humanity. Dwyer’s raw and compelling candids unveil the souls of people. The images expose many subject’s truth, adversities, beauty, and culture.

As a teenager, she developed her fascination for photography. Dee never left the house without her disposable camera to capture daily life of family and friends. Receiving her BFA in Filmmaking and Digital Production helped to develop her keen eye and technical skills. While taking a required Black & White photography class, she had to shoot and develop her own film. This is how the love for photography blossomed. She’d spend half her days snapping candids and the other half in the dark room. Having a love for travel and community she continues to use her camera to,  "Show the World What it's Made of." Dee Dwyer currently resides in Washington, DC with her two children.

Artist Statement

Art, to me, is “Life.” I use photography as a form of art. It is a way to stop time and reflect on a moment that can possibly shift history going forward. As a person who’s witnessed and experienced struggle, I am naturally drawn to its core. While out creating photographs, I spend time trying to understand human experiences. This is essential to my process.  I create photographs that capture people in their element.  My goal is to show all aspects of human life with the primary focus being humanity. I'm fascinated with photographing the "Misunderstood”.  I hope that my work will clarify many misconceptions of which the world has dumped on people that aren’t socially accepted into society and who are economically disadvantaged.


Independent Artist