Dee Dwyer


Pictured in Havana, Cuba 




Dee Dwyer is a diversified Photographer from Washington, D.C who produces awe-inspiring photos.  She uses her artistic ability to capture the essence of a range of subjects.  Her background includes a BFA in Filmmaking and Digital Production. As a teenager she never left the house without her disposable camera. Having a love for travel, she continues to use her camera to as she puts it,  "Show the World What it's Made of." She currently resides in Washington, DC with her two children. 

Artist Statement

Art, in my meaning is “Life.” For me, photography is a way to stop time and reflect on a moment that can possibly shift history going forward. As a person who’s witnessed and experienced struggle, I am naturally drawn to its core. While out making photographs, I spend time trying to understand human experiences. I firmly believe this to be essential to my process.  I create photographs that capture people in their element.  My goal is to show all aspects of human life with the primary focus being humanity. I'm fascinated with photographing the "Misunderstood." My pictures are a visual expression to my personal experiences.  I use my camera to unveil the souls of people by exposing my subjects truth, adversities, beauty, and culture.



Independent Artist